Laser Cutting

Looking for greater accuracy, lower cutting time, and dynamic flexibility, laser cutting is the way to assure your success.

Liberty Steel Fabricating operates a leading edge Bystronic 4400 watt laser cutting system and is a multifunctional tool with the ability to cut through a wide variety of materials, from thin sheet metal up to thick plate. Part geometry can range from simple to complex with the laser beam fabricating all parts so they are ready for assembly. With optimized precision, our laser cutting system is unusually accurate with lowering cutting time dramatically reducing cost to you and assuring accurate, prompt and cost effective delivery. 

Our Bystronic 7 programming and nesting software assures minimum material utilization and reduced cutting time to create a flexible and cost effective solution, providing parts cut to the most demanding requirements.  Our cutting system guarantees first-class cutting of sheet metal, tubes, and profile.