Welded Fabrications

Liberty is compliant to AWS D1.1 ; Structural Steel Code. DOWNLOAD FABRICATING & MACHINING SLIDESHOW ON THIS PAGE.

What makes Liberty's welders and fabricators the best in industry is their attention to detail. Setups are made and inspected before welding begins. Tack welded fabrications are inspected again before final welding takes place. After welding comes another inspection and the inspectors approval allows the fabrication to move on to grinding and final clean up. After clean up comes stress relieving and priming or final paint. If machining is required parts move into Liberty's fully equipped machining bay and machining is done by our skilled trade’s machinists before final inspection is signed off and shipping to your dock is scheduled.

Machining and Fabrications By Liberty Download

Liberty provides precision MIG welded fabrications from miniature to excess of 20,000 Lbs machined and painted to your requirements.
Liberty's TIG welding of stainless steels and aluminum is viewed by many food processing machinery builders as state of the art and world class.
With beads between .015 and .030" micro TIG welding is Liberty's step between conventional weld and laser weld.
Liberty has the equipment and talent to laser weld minute details and repair micro surface features of almost any tool steel.
At Liberty there is little that can not be formed and welded to satisfy your low production and prototype requirements.
Liberty remains one of the most capable and widely recognized sources for repair of nearly all tool and mold steels.