Eagle Technologies Group

Harold A. Luhrsen

Manufacturing Manager

In our business, emergencies are a common place event. Fast deliveries are imperative in these situations. I know that I can count on Liberty Steel to get what I need, when I need it!

Protospec, L.L.C.

John D. Schiff

Business Owner

Over the past 10 years we have relied on Liberty Steel to support our business with complex, fabricated, steel and aluminum components.  Liberty has provided us with outstanding technical capability, as well as, customer service.  We will continue to rely on Liberty Steel for all of metal component requirements.

Packard Industries

Jacob Mark


Packard Industries, Inc., has been buying the majority of our tooling from Empire Machine for well over two decades. Packard is a family-owned manufacturer of steel office furniture, entering our 45th year. We've used a lot of tool and die vendors in that time, but Empire has consistently taken on, and solved, some of our hardest tooling challenges; challenges that other tooling vendors told us couldn't be done. They could be done, of course, it was just a question of expertise, and a hands-on knowledge of what will and won't work in production tooling design.

It is for just this superior expertise that Packard continues to turn to Empire for our tool and die requirements. Over and over, we find that our Empire die sets perform as they are meant to; wear as they are supposed to; and through Empire's design methods, are easily maintained. We've also appreciated Empire's unstinting support of your tools in the field. With even the most complex tool sets Empire's designed and built for us, you have been on hand for try-outs, and readily made adjustments as necessary, until the tools perform as promised. As a manufacturer, that's what 'customer service' means to us – being able to rely on Empire 100% to get the tool right, every time, so we have little or no down time due to tooling.

We have consistently found your design and build time estimates to be precisely on time. Last, as a satisfying additional benefit, we've found your pricing to be fair for the difficulty of the work demanded. For these reasons, two generations of Packard ownership have found it worthwhile and cost effective to do business with Empire Machine, Inc., and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any manufacturer large or small.

Manitowoc Cranes

Eric Swope

Tooling Engineer

As a Tooling Engineer for Manitowoc Cranes, I am responsible for procuring quality tooling, delivered on time and within budget. Empire Machine, Inc. has consistently delivered my orders on time with the quality Manitowoc requires. Empire is the kind of supplier who works to develop a relationship that ensures I receive what is needed to accomplish the job. I would recommend Empire to any company looking for a quality, cost-effective and timely solution to their tooling or production needs.

Flaktwoods Fan Group

Leroy Hilligoss

Supply Chain Manager

Thank you Liberty for working with me and Flaktwoods Fan Group. It has been a very gratifying experience working with you and Empire Machine.

We are proud to say that we at Flaktwoods Fan Group have experienced no rejected equipment from Empire Machine in the last year. Empire Machine has been very responsive to our needs, especially the quick turn-around orders. With Empire Machine being local, it has reduced our transportation cost significantly.

Thank you for providing Flaktwoods Fan Group with the quality, cost effectiveness and delivery we need to maintain a competitive edge in our business.

Edgewater Automation

Steve Harder

We partnered with Liberty Steel Fabricating, Inc. on a developmental project for a line of pharmacy automation equipment.  Complex prototype stainless steel details had to be made and tested.  The details were unique in geometry with tight tolerances.  Several revisions were made to the product during the developmental process.  Liberty Steel responded very quickly to the design changes and delivered part on time and, if needed, within hours of our request.  A prime factor in the successful launch of this project was Liberty Steel’s continuing support and ability to deliver a quality product on time.

Hess Industries

Ken Maxwell

Liberty Steel has been one of our best suppliers and everyone is helpful and a delight to work with.  Over the years, they have always been there not matter what we have asked for.  They are always up for a new challenge or will make suggestions to help us reduce costs.  They will do whatever it takes to get us our parts even if it means personally delivering it themselves.  We constantly ask for hot parts that we need sometimes the same day and they will do whatever they can to meet the delivery.

Waynesboro Design Services, Inc.

Rick Mouer


Liberty EMS is an excellent supplier of parts and fixtures.  We have found a partner, not vendor, and we will continue this design / manufacturing relationship.


Greg Price

Design Engineer

I had worked with Liberty Steel since its inception back in the 90's when I previously worked at Eagle Technologies Group. Since then, I have moved on, and now working with Unifrax located in New Carlisle, Indiana as Design Engineer/Project Manager.

As part of my job responsibility I am called upon with process improvements and capital projects.  It became apparent that due to the nature of business increases and capital spending, Unifrax was going to need additional resources outside of their internal resources as well as the normal external resources that they used for these efforts in the past.  I was asked if I knew of anyone. I immediately called Andy Gantenbein at Liberty Steel about not only fabrication but machining as well.  I knew that I could at least get quality fabrications but not sure about machining.  Andy had indicated that he had purchased Empire Machine and told me who the manager was, which just so happened to be someone that I knew had worked with in the past, because of this I knew of their capabilities and knew that they could be a great resource for Unifrax.  

Both Liberty Steel and Empire Machine have proved themselves to me as well as others here at Unifrax.  I have called upon them numerous times since that first call and they have always came through for us, both from cost, but as well as delivery, as they have always met or exceeded our expectations. Their work is of superior quality and they have always met deliveries despite any challenge!

Burr Oak Tool Inc

Larry Miller

VP Of Operations

We received the frame back from you a day or two ago and checked it out to make sure it has been corrected and it looks just fine now. I appreciate the support and quick responses to get this taken care of. Things happen, we know, we live it every day just like you do. It’s not so much the mistakes that are made, it’s how they are taken care of that really makes the difference. I’ve always said show me a man that doesn’t make a mistake and I’ll show you a man that doesn’t do anything. Everyone here thinks very highly of Liberty Steel Fabricating, good quality, on time, and astounding reaction time when something doesn’t go right.

You know here at Burr Oak Tool we have a vision: “To be considered second to none by our customers, partners, employees, and community”, we look at Liberty as a partner. We consider Liberty Steel Fabricating second to none as far as our partners go. It’s partners like you that help make Burr Oak Tool what it is today. I truly mean that, I’d love to have more partners like you on our team, don’t get me wrong we do have a couple but they are really hard to come by. I just wanted to let you know this little snafu isn’t that big of deal in the grand scheme of things and Liberty Steel is at the top of our list as one of the best partners we have.

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