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Large Horizontal Boring Machining

Precision Machining-Large Horizontal Boring Machine-Horizontal

As part of our wide range of precision manufacturing equipment, Liberty maintains an array of horizontal CNC machines for prototyping and production of large parts and components. We are fully equipped to fabricate, machine, and coat large precision parts for nearly any application, with a quick turnaround time.

Horizontal CNC Machining: A Quick Overview

Horizontal CNC Machining is the term used to describe CNC milling equipment with spindles that operate parallel to the ground (as opposed to vertical milling). Because of this orientation, horizontal mills use shorter, more robust cutting tools that can make deeper cuts into the workpiece.

Horizontal CNC Mills share many of the same advantages as Vertical CNC Mills, such as improved quality consistency and reduced error due to the use of computer-guided tools. However, horizontal mills have a higher feed rate, which in turn increases production efficiency. The workpieces and cutting tools are able to be in motion continuously. These machines can also apply cutting tools to the workpiece at multiple angles at once for more complex geometries and features.

Precision Machining-Large Horizontal Boring Machine-Horizontal2
Precision Machining-Large Horizontal Boring Machine-Boringmill2

Horizontal CNC Machining at Liberty 3D Technologies

Liberty can supply your entire fabricating and machining needs saving you time as well as providing our usual excellent service and delivery all at an economical cost. You won’t need to outsource your project to multiple different manufacturers–everything you need is right here!

Our team is capable of machining your complex 3D parts for dies, molds or most any application. We use our horizontal CNC mills to create large, unique components for heavy machinery–parts that are often larger than an average truck! Precision machined parts are always needed, whether it’s in mining and construction, steel and tube rolling, custom automation, food processing and packaging, or even special vehicles. Our customers depend on us to deliver economical and quality solutions on time.

Trust Liberty 3D for your large CNC manufacturing needs

Liberty 3D Technologies has the experience and equipment to handle precision manufacturing projects of any size. If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us today!