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Serving Machinery & Tool Manufacturers


Liberty 3D is located centrally to many of the country’s leading custom tools and automation industries. Our company started out working with tool and automation builders, and we have an excellent understanding of their requirements as a result. We have become an integral part of many machinery manufacturers’ processes and supply chains over the years, and we have expanded our capabilities in order to provide them with better service. From supplying fabrications and machining to value-added support like assembly and project management, they know they can count on Liberty to provide the support they need for a successful project.

Many of today’s custom tool and machine builders focus on their core skills of engineering, assembling and installing their equipment. We fill in the gaps, taking over the fabrication and machining for them, and delivering quality components on time and up to their specifications. Our services have helped equipment and tool manufacturers across many different industries as well! You can find our components in a wide range of equipment, from exhaust hoods and large blender parts in the Food Processing industry to durable gear boxes for mining and earth boring equipment.

Food Processing & Packaging

Stainless steel components for food processing and packaging equipment are one of our specialties. Liberty has been serving this industry since our beginnings, and we are well acquainted with the standards and quality requirements necessary to this type of machinery.


Heavy Machinery & Construction Equipment

Liberty 3D is one of few manufacturers and weld suppliers with the capabilities to machine the large parts necessary for heavy machinery and equipment! Our certified welders can work on parts big and small, and our CNC equipment can handle extremely heavy or complicated tools and components.

Mining & Earth Boring Equipment

We have all the necessary experience to fabricate metal parts large and small from high strength alloys and other materials. No matter how complicated or large the component is, we welcome the opportunity for new challenges!


Ready to get started?

Liberty 3D Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of fabrication and welding services to equipment manufacturers across the country. To request a quote, or to learn more about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today!