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Resistance Spot Weld


At Liberty, there is little that can not be formed and welded to satisfy your low production and prototype requirements. We employ a wide range of different welding techniques to produce components exactly to our customers’ specifications.

A brief overview of resistance spot welding

Spot welding or resistance spot welding, is a type of electrical welding used primarily on sheet metal products. The welder uses an electric current to apply pressure and heat to the metal, joining the components together. This is a versatile type of welding, able to work with a wide range of different metals and component geometries, and is most often used for thin, sheet metal stock. It’s also a cost-effective process, being more efficient and economical than other types of welding.

Spot welding

Resistance Spot Welding at Liberty 3D Technologies

Liberty employs a team of highly skilled welders. We are one of the most capable and tested sources of resistance, micro, and arc welding, and there’s very little that we can’t do. Our welders are known for their attention to detail and their experience, and we work together with our customers to ensure that every weld is completed to their requirements.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to request a quote and get started, don’t hesitate to contact us today!