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Large Vertical Machining


To provide our customers with a full manufacturing service, Liberty maintains a wide variety of CNC machining equipment. One of the main types that we use are vertical CNC mills.

Vertical machining centers differ from horizontal ones in many ways besides their orientation. They have longer and thinner cutting tools, compared to our CNC horizontal machines, and are best for milling parts that are more detailed or complex. They also have the added advantage of being incredibly versatile, capable of machining complex components of all sizes. And because they are generally low-maintenance, there is far less downtime, which leads to increased production efficiency.

Vertical CNC Machining at Liberty 3D

At Liberty 3D, we can manufacture parts with complex geometries and many different details both accurately and reliably. However, where we really excel is in the wide range of sizes of products that we can machine. We can supply you with precision machined parts as small as a dime or as large as the operators running the machines. Some of the parts that we’ve manufactured have even been as large as a pickup truck.

For your largest precision components, choose Liberty 3D technologies. Thanks to our investment in vertical CNC precision equipment and in the training of our team, we can manufacture very large components, as well as finish and coat them to ensure that they meet the expectations of the market they’ll serve.

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